The Ministry’s license states:


The Product will be used exclusively as a fertilizer.
As such, its usage, sall not harm humans, animals and plants, shall not pollute the environment or reduce soil fertility and the quality of agricultural crops. The above is an order that comes from Greek and EU regulations. For us, at Ez Gro Greece, beyond the legal commitment, it also includes a moral obligation.




To keep up with the above obligations we went on the following main actions:


Due attention has been given to products design. Our products are designed according to the regulations of our country and the European Union. Keeping within the limits of these regulations automatically means that the products will be safe, will not harm the environment, and will produce quality and healthy agricultural products. All of the above are confirmed during the approval and registration by the Ministry of Agriculture and the State General Chemistry.


Choice of raw materials that make up the product. Quality raw materials means a quality end result. That is why we put a lot of effort into selecting and sourcing raw materials from the global market with very strict criteria and always with the related documents and certificates required by national legislation.


Production phase. Due care is given for the safety of the staff involved in the production, packaging and storage of our products. Our staff is dressed in the necessary protective overalls, gloves and where necessary glasses for eye protection. In the workplace there are clear safety instructions and fire extinguishers, while production is carried out under the instructions of a competent technician, who oversees compliance with safety rules.


Storage – Handling: We have designed storage areas specially configured with specific safety features: Appropriate shelves have been designed so that the products, whether bottles or pallet tanks, do not sit on the floor, but higher to make it easy to clean from any spills. Special care is given to keep the area always clean and properly ventilated. Special effort is made for temperature stability. Gutters have been designed and operated, which lead to artificial liquid reservoirs so that in case of leaks, the liquid fertilizers not to end up in natural streams to avoid polluting the environment. The storage space is wide enough to facilitate loading and unloading lifting machines, so as to avoid accidents.


Movement – Transportation – Delivery: We follow a long safety checklist, both for the movement within our installation and transportation and delivery of the products to the distributor in other regions. During transportation, special attention is paid to proper and safe packaging, the cargo is always accompanied by the necessary bill of landings, safety certificates and the staff is always informed about the particularities of the cargo. On delivery, in addition to the instructions for safe storage and usage written on the label, we assign our agronomists to give the necessary instructions for storage and proper use, thus helping the performance, but also avoiding the deterioration of the crops and the soil from possible excessive use.