Aware of our obligation towards society as a whole, we paid special emphasis to three areas: Protection of the environment, Respect of human health and the animal world, as well as contribution to the economic activity of the country.



Nature is the playground where the Ez Gro Greece develops all its activities. Therefore, its protection is of the utmost importance, both for the nature and for society as a whole. We paid special attention, observing all the provisions of the national and European legislation concerning the production and distribution of fertilizers. All our formulations are approved by the ministry and have been registered following very strict procedures.
This is a strong proof of our commitment to environmental protection.


Our fertilizers are “multipliers” of the nutrition for humans and animals. Therefore, special emphasis has been placed on our fertilizers for a larger harvest and better quality of the crops, increasing in this way the nutritional properties of the final products of each harvest.


Meeting the above responsibilities, we automatically achieve the third goal, the goal of contributing to the national economy. Every improvement in agricultural production results in a contribution to the country’s economy. Thus Ez Gro Greece, by introducing Canadian technology in plant growth and nutrition, improves quality, and quantity, which, ultimately contributes to the growth of the national income.