1999 – The beginning

EZ-Gro Canada has begun developing PGR formulations for the North American market. The concept of “Plant growth regulations (PGR’s) was until then almost unknown and the risk the company was taking was great. Nevertheless, the research was successful and today the company boasts a long list of such products. Of course, the development process of PGRs continues to this day and the much of the products of this category are part of the catalog of Ez Gro Greece as well.



2012 – Use of PGR’s
EZ-Gro Canada is expanding the use of PGR’s and mixing with basic NPK fertilizers, biostimulants and trace elements. After many years of systematic research, it has been shown that this combination works synergistically, enhancing specific points and components of the plants. Characteristics of the products are the uniform flowering, increase in the size of fruits and vegetables, giving the desired color to the fruits and increasing the yield of the crops as a whole.



2019 – First contact
Executives of the Canadian company contacted professionals in the Greek area and the procedures for the establishment of a Greek company with the same object began.



2020 – Recommendation
In July 2020, EZ-Gro Greece was established, with the aim of importing Canadian technology products into Greece and the EU.



2021 – Market entry
The collaboration between Canadian and Greek researchers led to a series of unique products containing PGR’s, biostimulants, plant extracts, combined with the basic NPK fertilizers. The company obtained a marketing license and submitted its first products for approval to the Ministry of Agriculture, which were approved in a very short time.



2022 – Today
With a full catalog and the experience gained in the development of specialized products, Ez-Gro Greece is planning the development of the product range in more European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Spain, etc.)