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Ez Gro® Greece has been set up with the aim of designing, producing and distributing innovative fertilization products. These products, with the simultaneous use of biostimulators, trace elements and plant growth regulators – are suitable to fertilize a wide range of agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, greenhouses and mass crops) making the Ez Gro Greece in stop shop for the fertilizers.



Our formulations are unique, and become even more efficient when we apply them according to the special programs we as Ez Gro Greece have developed. Our strategy is not limited only to distributors, but also to companies that wish to be available with their own “Private Label”. In addition, we carry out personalized design and production of products to meet the needs of customers with special requirements “Custom Formulations”.



Ez Gro Greece® Established in 2020 by a group of Canadian and Greek entrepreneurs, chemists and agronomists. The aim of the Company is the design, development, registration, production and the distribution in Greece, in EU as well as in the international market special agricultural fertilizer products of Canadian technology. The Establishment date shows a new company, but our experience is very big due since the people setting up the company have been dealing with the agriculture sector many, many years back.


The collaboration between Canadian and Greek researchers has resulted in the transformation of basic NPK fertilizers into a range of unique products – with the addition of plant growth regulators (PGRs), biostimulants, trace elements and plant extracts.


Our products received approval from the Ministry of Agriculture in record time and they have begun to be available on the Greek market. The reception from the users so far is highly encouraging and highlights the uniqueness of our products, due to their energy in all the growth phases of the plants.
This is due to, both, the nutritional properties of the basic formulations, as well as to the targeted properties of the PGRs, biostimulants and trace elements contained in the proper proportions within the basic mixture. The synergy of the above elements strengthens the metabolism of the plants – and at the same time the health of the plant – and therefore its productive capacity.


The company proceeded to develop additional products which have been submitted for registration and their approval is expected at the beginning of 2023. In addition, the development of our range in more European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, etc.) is planned.