Bio App

Contains Canadian Biostimulant with Abiotic Plant Protection Technology. Calcium increases the plant productivity and size of the fruits.
The special formulation of EZ Bio APP contains a calcium combined with organic substances and vitamins that significantly helps improving the fruiting and the root system of the plants.

Ez Bio App Ca

Liquid fertilizer 3% CaO + organic substances + vitamins

• Increases fruit size and improves quality
• Significantly strengthens the density of the fruits so that they do not soften easily
• Increases plant resistance to various fungal diseases and viruses
• Strengthens the resistance of plants in situations of intense environmental stress (Frost, heat)
• Contributes to the formation of the underground part in rhizomatous crops
• improves the preservation of fruits after harvesting for a longer period of time

• Contributes to the satisfactory flowering and fruiting of plants
• Contributes to better growth in plants as it participates in the synthesis of essential hormones.
• Creates more resistant plants in extreme climatic conditions
• Supports the productivity of the Plants

• The application must be tabular
• Period of applications: During the fruit set and fruiting stages

• Applies to all crops: Greenhouses, horticulture, arboriculture, groundnut, vine, olive, cotton, grain

• Foliarl application in the morning or afternoon with a relatively low temperature.
• It is not combined with other phytoregulating substances such as gibberellins, high pH solutions as well as products containing sulfur compounds.
• Can be applied in the field crops as well




Application period

Combination with other EZ GRO products

Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc.)

500-1000 ml/ton of spray liquid

1st application 5-10% of flowering
2nd application small fruit season

1. Aqua-Control250ml/ton of water in drought periods.
2.EZ-GroBR500ml/ton of water

Trees (apples, peaches, cherries, olives, etc.)

1000 ml/ton of spray liquid

In full bloom

1. Aqua-Control250ml/ton of water in periods of drought
2.EZ-GroTriacontanol 500ml/ton of water



1000 ml/ton of water

1st application 90 days after planting
2nd application 120 days after planting

1. Aqua-Control250ml/ton of water in dry periods
2.EZ-GroSA500ml/ton of water


1000 ml/ton spray liquid

1st application 3-5 leaf
2nd application 20 days after the first application

1. Aqua-Control250ml/ton of water in dry periods
2.EZ-GroBR500ml/ton of water