HOMEPAGE Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS) Ez Bloom Enhancer


Bloom Enhancer contains boron (B)
Boron is one of the most important trace elements to support the plants to have abundant flowering, successful fruiting set and, consumedly, good production.

The Bloom Enhancer consist of a special formulation of boron in combination with other organic substances that significantly helps flowering.

Ez Bloom Enhancer

Liquid foliar fertilizer 0.1% B + organic substances helping plant growth and flowering

• Bloom enhancer stimulates the plant metabolism and the formation of cell walls.
• It has a positive effect on flowering
• Increases the vitality of flower pollen
• Improves pollination and fruit set success rate
• Boron contributes to the increased trafficking of sugars inside the plant, resulting in good root system formation as well as a in a significant improvement in fruit quality

• Helps in abundant flowering and successful fruiting
• It contributes to the formation and development of the root system

• The application must be foliar
• It does not combine with other phyto-regulating substances such as gibberellins.

• Applies to all crops: Greenhouses, horticulture, arboriculture, groundnut, vine, olive, cotton, grain
• Application in open crops (Field crops)



Application period

Combination with other EZ-GRO products

Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.) 100-250 mL / ton of spray liquid 1st application 2 weeks after emergence
2nd application period of small fruit
1.Aqua Control 250 ml /ton of water in periods of drought
2. EZ GRO Br 500 mL/ton of water
Trees (peaches, apples, cherries, olives, etc.) 100 mL / ton of spray liquid In full bloom 1. Aqua Control 250 ml / ton of water in periods of drought
2. EZ GRO Triacontanol 500 mL/ton of water
Cotton 200 mL / ton of water 1st application 90 days after planting
2nd application 120 days after planting
1.Aqua Control 250 ml /ton of water in periods of drought
2.EZ GRO SA 500 mL/ton of water
Cereals (maize) 100 mL / ton spray liquid 1st application 3-5 leaf
2nd application 20 days after the first application
1.Aqua Control 250 ml /ton of water in periods of drought  
EZ GRO Br 500 mL/ton of water