Ez Chitosan contains the active substance chitosan which is isolated from the shells of clams, shrimps and crabs. Ez Chitosan is recommended for increasing the production of leafy plants.



Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Phosphorus – chitosan 0-4-0 + 1.5% chitosan

• The special composition of EZ CHITOSAN consists of substances of plant growth regulators.
It is used to protect the plant due to the chitosan element which enhances plant survival and resilience in periods of extreme heat, cold and drought.
• Increases the stem diameter
• Helps the plant to overcome extreme climatic conditions
• Helps prevent and treat phosphorus deficiencies

• CHITOSAN EZ increases plant height
• Increases the stem diameter
• Longer root length and more root trichomes
• Increases the amount of chlorophyll
• Longer lug length
• Greater seed yield
• Increases the resistance of the plant in periods of extreme heat, cold and drought stress
• Increases leaf area of leafy plants and carotenoid levels

• Creates stronger shoots
• Increases the length of the roots system
• Increases the height of the plant
• Improves seed yield
• Creates more resistant plants in extreme conditions

• The PH of the liquid must be below 7
• Foliar application of 25-40ml/acr
• Application on the 2-4 leaf stage

• Applies to all crops: Greenhouses, Horticulture, Arboriculture, Pistachio, Vine, Olive, Cotton, Grain
• Foliar application
• Application in field crops as well




Application period

Leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, etc.)

Open vegetables: 500 mL / ton of water

1 week after germination and every 2-3 weeks

Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, etc.)

Greenhouse vegetables: 500 mL / ton of water with 40-50 cc/acr

Every 2-3 weeks after transplanting

Peach trees, cherries, olives, apple trees, etc.)




500 mL / ton of water



50 cc /acr



Every week in STRESS period
Every 3-4 weeks after that

Vine, kiwi, strawberry

Beets, carrots, potatoes, etc






1st application at the start of germination
Next every 21 days

Cereals (corn, wheat, barley, rice, etc.)

25-50 cc/acr


25-50 cc/str Apply at 3-5 leaf stage or 6-8 days after full bloom