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Hydroponic and Medical Cannabis

It is known that in hydroponics the producer is the one who regulates the nutrition programs of the plants of his crop.
With today’s systems (electronic mixing – fertilizing systems) it is easy to choose the use of mixing programs of 3 or more elements which, after turning them into complete fertilizers, we can direct them to fertilize-nourish the plants in hydroponics.
The process can be used in a wide range of crops such as vegetables, flowers and even medical cannabis.
Depending on the systems of each hydroponic culture, these fertilizers can be used in tanks, injectors or dosing pumps. Ez Gro Greece products used in Hydroponics contain all the necessary nutrients with biostimulating elements and PGRs.

Choosing the program to create the right mixture is easy.
Refer to the appropriate chart, select the nutrient levels (EC or ppm) and add the required amounts to the tank or to a 10% solution for a 1:100 infusion.

The products can be added to existing fertilization, irrigation and/or foliage programs
Ez Gro Greece’s such Products are: