HOMEPAGE Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS)

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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS)

PGRs are naturally occurring substances that are capable of stimulating, enhancing, promoting, and increasing the growth and development of a crop’s production. Of course, there are also synthetic PGRs which simply “mimic” the natural ones.


Ez Gro Greece is proud to introduce in Greece the unique series of PGRS which, when mixed with basic NPK fertilizers and biostimulants, can target specific stages of plant growth to maximize their metabolism which results in healthier plants, higher yields in vegetables, fruits and also mass crops. The wide variety of formulations allows a farmer to look for the most suitable formulation for his crops by consulting the programs of Ez Gro Greece. They can be applied by mixing in the soil, in the irrigation system and also foliarly. In all cases it is recommended to utilize one of Ez Gro Greece’s Customized Crop fertilization Programs.